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Kapitex κορυφαία εταιρεία παραγωγής και διανομής ειδών τραχειοστομίας και λαρυγγεκτομής.

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Buchanan-Lite® Protector Filter
Buchanan-Lite protector filters by Kapitex, UK, achieve the filtration and humidification of the inh...
Laryngofoam® HME Foam Filters (30 pcs)
Laryngofoam filters by Kapitex, UK, for humidifying-heating the inhaled air.
Buchanan-Lite® Protector Filter Blue
Buchanan Lite protector filter is the latest addition to the Kapitex, UK, tracheostomy filter family...
Buchanan-Lite® Protector Filter - White
Buchanan Lite protector filter is the latest addition to the Kapitex, UK, tracheostomy filter family...
Trachi-hold Tube Holder
Trachi-hold tube holder by Kapitex, England for holding the trachea.
Kapi- Clean tracheostomy tube storage - cleaning container
Kapi-Clean storage-cleaning container
DeltaNex Cravat Tracheostomy Cover
Last piece
The DeltaNex Cravat silk cover by Kapitex, UK offers you coverage in the tracheostomy area
Romet Cotton Cover
Last piece
The Romet cotton cover by Kapitex, UK covers the neck area and offers you comfort in social gatherin...
Filter - collar Buchanan Lite - Beige
Φίλτρο (κολλάρο) Buchanan Lite του Οίκου Kapitex.   Μέγεθος Small   Κατάλληλο γ...
Kapitex Shower Shield
Waterproof apron (Shower Shield) by Kapitex, UK that prevents water from entering during the shower.
Trachi-dress Tracheostomy Dressings (20 pcs)
Trachi-dress absorbent tracheostomy dressings by Kapitex, UK that reduces the accumulation of mucus...
Kapitex Silicone Tube
Laryngectomy tube by Kapitex, UK, made of 100% transparent silicone without inner tube, with retaini...
Phoniq Shower Shield
Laryngectomy shower shield by Kapitex, UK.
Phoniq DigiClose Speaking valve with button
Speaking valve with button and built-in humidity-heating filter Phoniq DigiClose by Kapitex, UK desi...
Kapi-gel Spacer
Last piece
Kapi-gel transparent ring by Kapitex, UK made of soft silicone 3mm thick.

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