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Kapitex κορυφαία εταιρεία παραγωγής και διανομής ειδών τραχειοστομίας και λαρυγγεκτομής.

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Buchanan-Lite® Protector Filter
Buchanan-Lite protector filters by Kapitex, UK, achieve the filtration and humidification of the inh...
Laryngofoam® HME Foam Filters (30 pcs)
Laryngofoam filters by Kapitex, UK, for humidifying-heating the inhaled air.
Buchanan-Lite® Protector Filter Blue
Buchanan Lite protector filter is the latest addition to the Kapitex, UK, tracheostomy filter family...
Buchanan-Lite® Protector Filter - White
Buchanan Lite protector filter is the latest addition to the Kapitex, UK, tracheostomy filter family...
Kapi- Clean tracheostomy tube storage - cleaning container
Kapi-Clean storage-cleaning container
DeltaNex Cravat Tracheostomy Cover
The DeltaNex Cravat silk cover by Kapitex, UK offers you coverage in the tracheostomy area
Trachi-hold Tube Holder
Trachi-hold tube holder by Kapitex, England for holding the trachea.
Φίλτρο - κολλάρο Buchanan Lite - Μπεζ
Φίλτρο (κολλάρο) Buchanan Lite του Οίκου Kapitex.   Μέγεθος: Small Κατάλληλο για ασθενείς με...
Kapitex Shower Shield
Waterproof apron (Shower Shield) by Kapitex, UK that prevents water from entering during the shower.
Trachi-dress Tracheostomy Dressings (20 pcs)
Trachi-dress absorbent tracheostomy dressings by Kapitex, UK that reduces the accumulation of mucus...
Kapitex Silicone Tube
Last piece
Laryngectomy tube by Kapitex, UK, made of 100% transparent silicone without inner tube, with retaini...
Phoniq Shower Shield
Laryngectomy shower shield by Kapitex, UK.
Phoniq DigiClose Speaking valve with button
Speaking valve with button and built-in humidity-heating filter Phoniq DigiClose by Kapitex, UK desi...
Trachi-Mist Spray Atomiser 25ml
Made to order
Practical Spray Trachi-Mist 25ml by Kapitex, UK, for moisturizing laryngectomy filters such as Bucha...
DeltaNex® Protector Filter
Made to order
Deltanex filters are used to filter and moisturize the breath with the difference that they have a s...

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