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In our online store you will find the right products for patient care and home care. We cover the needs of the patient with all the necessary items such as incontinence diapers, cleaning and daily hygiene items, everyday aids, bed mats etc.

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Disposable bedpan
Disposable bedpan, made entirely from 100% recyclable paper pulp.
Oxygen Mask
Transparent elastic mask for oxygen supply with flexible nasal plate for better retention on the fac...
MoliCare Premium Super Plus - Incontinence Night Slip (Diaper)
MoliCare® Premium Super Plus night incontinence diapers by Hartmann, Germany for acute urinary and /...
Plastic Bedpan
Reusable plastic bedpan made of 100% non-toxic polypropylene
B-Spiro Inspiratory Exerciser
Out of stock
B-Spiro inspiratory exerciser by Bicakcilar.
Molimed Active - Incontinence Pads for Men (14 pcs)
Out of stock
Molimed Active incontinence pads for men by Hartmann, Germany, for mild incontinence.    Packaging...
Seven Day Pill Box with 4 Compartments
Case for arranging pills weekly in the four periods of the day (morning, noon, afternoon, evening)
Abena cleansing gloves 23x16cm (50 pcs)
Abena disposable body cleansing gloves.   Dimensions: 23x16cm Packaging: 50 pcs
ABRI-BAG Absorbent Commode Liner (20 pcs)
Disposable Abri-Bag Absorbent Commode Liner bag with superabsorbent insert. Packaging: 20 pcs
Fahl nebulizer set
Fahl nebulizer set for use with patients with tracheostomy.
24-hour Urine Sample Container
Plastic container with screw cap for collecting urine on a 24-hour basis
Molicare Skin Protect Cream 200ml
Out of stock
Molicare cream 200ml with Nutriskin Protection complex for the protection of irritated skin
Molicare Hand Cream 200ml
Molicare Skintegrity 200ml hand cream by Hartmann, Germany contains valuable ingredients, tones and...
Molicare Mobile Incontinence Night Pants (14 pcs)
Molicare Mobile diapers by Hartmann, Germany in the form of underwear for moderate to severe inconti...
Urine Meter 500ml
Out of stock
Device for the hourly measurement of urine volume 500ml.

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