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Germanos Medicals guarantees you consumable surgical instruments of exceptional quality. The variety that you will find online in surgical instruments is suitable for hemostasis. Get surgical blades, scalpels, surgical drapes, staples, hemostatic sprays and haemostasis wax.

Putting as a priority the health of the patient and the medical staff, at Germanos Medicals with many years of experience, we serve every need that arises in your daily life but also in a medical space such as your doctor's office or clinic.

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Δερματογράφος μολύβι (6 τμχ)
Dermatograph for marking the skin in order to identify the areas to be treated. Suitable for genera...
Foliodrape Surgical Drapes 95x125cm (25pcs)
Out of stock
Χειρουργικά πεδία Foliodrape 90x150cm,  από εξαιρετικής ποιότητας υλικό 3 στρώσεων. Διατίθενται σε...

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