Our Company

Our Company

Germanos Medicals is a modern company with a long history.Our story begins in 1945 when Germanos Michail opened his first store in Athens.  Over decades we have achieved continuous and steady growth, but in our core, we still operate as a family.

Apart from the basic medical products, we supply the Greek Market, many specialized groups of products, which require deep knowledge and skill.

Above all, it is our firm belief that medical products ought to be of high-quality because high-quality always lead to reliability and safety. 


Our Vision

Our goal is to set new standards for Healthcare in our home country, by providing physicians and patients high-quality products to treat serious diseases. 




Areas of Activity

Medical Disposables & Equipment

Our most basic and beloved activity since our foundation.

It comprises a wide range of medical disposable products for the day to day operation of every medical unit.

Also, it includes basic medical equipment such as furniture, diagnostic devices etc.

Breast Implants & Post-Op Garments

For surgical breast reconstruction or breast augmentation, we proudly distribute the products of Mentor

Inc. of the Johnson n’ Johnson group of companies

Complementary to these, we offer a high-quality garments series for post-operative rehabilitation.

Tracheostomy & Laryngectomy

We are one of the most specialized companies in Greece in Tracheostomy & Laryngectomy

especially as long as it comes to Homecare Patients.

Our range accommodates all patients’ needs from Tracheostomy tubes to HMEs, tube holders etc.

 Omni PRP KIT A modern PRP KIT, for the optimal separation and extraction of highly concentrated growth factors


Chronic Pain Treatment

In order to treat chronic and acute pain, we have introduced the two innovative product families:

- Peripheral neurostimulators from Neurimpulse to reduce or even eliminate the sense of pain in various body parts

- Spinal endoscopic Catheters to tackle diseases related to spine area


Short History


1945: Our Activities begin and they include, selling disposable medical products, door to door, to pharmacies in the greater area of Athens.

1963: Opening our first retail shop in central Athens  

1981: Company’s legal form changes and new warehouse 250m2 is bought, to accommodate the significant growth of the previous years

1990: Business focus changes. For the first time, we undertake the distribution of several important European factories to the Greek market, switch our profile as a major greek importer

2009: Our consolidation in major markets of interest, urged us to move into new our headquarters of 1330 m2  to cover the increased demand.



















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