Blood pressure device Tensoval

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Blood pressure device Tensoval

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Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας

The Tensoval duo control combines two innovative measuring methods together with an improved user friendliness thus enabling optimal control of blood pressure easily at home.

Simple handling:
Thanks to clearly marked large buttons, an improved battery compartment, an intuitive menu navigation and a large display, you can easily obtain readings that are as accurate as at your doctor’s within a short time.

Compfortable measurement:
The comfortable upper arm cuff features a grip tab and a recess for the bend of the elbow to enable an intuitively correct application and prevent slipping of the cuff. The Comfort Air Technology identifies the blood pressure as soon as the cuff is pumped up and therefore adjusts the air pressure individually to each user, making the measuring process particularly comfortable.
The cuff is available in three different sizes.

Innovative measurement method: 
The unique Duo Sensor Technology combines the oscillometric technology with the Korotkoff’s technology. Tensoval duo control recognizes pulse irregularities (heart rhythm disorders) as well as faint pulse sounds.

It primarily utilises the Korotkoff method of blood pressure measurement, which is normally used by doctors. Only in patients with very faint pulse sounds, the device automatically switches over to display the oscillometric blood pressure measurements.

Advantages at a glance

Highly accurate: highest measuring accuracy due to Duo Sensor Technology
Reliable: recognizes heart rhythm disorders
Easy to use: easy handling due to user-friendly design
Comfortable: comfort cuff with Comfort Air Technology developed in cooperation with users
Practical: memory space for 2 users to store morning and evening values for 30 days
Safe: clinically validated in accordance with international medical standards.
Economical: comes with batteries for approximately 1400 measurements.
Clever: can be connected to a computer via USB.

Hartmann, Germany

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