Coverflex tubular bandage

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Coverflex tubular bandage

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Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο

Permanently elastic tubular bandage which is kind to the skin. Made of a dense, silk-like fabric incorporating elastane threads to ensure a perfect fit. Easy to apply without additional fixation, no strike through of ointments, protecting any clothing worn over the bandage and has woven-in colour strips for size identification. 

91 % viscose 5 % polyamide 4 % elastane

For use as a moist cooling dressing for the acute phase of atopic eczema, as a special moisture treatment, or as a dry dressing during the chronic phase for the occlusion of medicated creams on sensitive eczematous skin

Size table: 

Size 1 = red colour-coded; for circumference 8-15 cm of child ' s arm or foot

Size 2 = green colour-coded; for circumference 10-25 cm of arm or child ' s leg 

Size 3 = blue colour-coded; for circumference 20-45 cm of arm, calf or child ' s head

House of Hartmann Germany

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