HME filter 46450

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HME filter 46450

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This Heat and Moisture exchanger for tracheostomised patients has a foam filter, which is integrated into a sturdy plastic housing. The plastic housing is designed in a grid shape, to enable the greatest amount of air to enter. It is equipped with a central, standardised opening, which enables the attachment onto the 15mm connector of the tracheostomy tube. The HME filters warms and humidifies the ispired air.

In addition, the lid of the housing contains an overpressure valve. This enables the coughing out of secretions, even without removing the HME. 

A port on the side of the filter housing enables the connection to an oxygen supply. 

ME 46450 filter is a disposable product and should be exchanged every 24 hours at the latest. In individual hygienic packaging in a box of 30 pieces.

Ref 46450

House of Fahl Germany

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