Microdrip infusion set

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Microdrip infusion set

1,70 €
Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο

Sterile, pyrogen free 

Sterilized by ethylene-oxide 

Peel pack individual containers (printed side: bacteria proof medical grade paper, second side: transparent polyethylene/polyamide film) 

Strong sharp piercing spike (white ABS plastic), with cover 

Flexible convenient drop chamber from medical grade PVC 

Fluid filter 15μ protects from larger particles 

Bacteria proof venting with cap (5μ filter from Teflon) 

Extended drip element provides even micro drop formation (60 drops of distilled water = 1gr) 

Max flow capacity: 34,6ml/min of Dextrose 40% 

Easy adjustment of flow with Adelberg roller clamp 

Tubing from medical grade PVC (inner diameter 3 x 4,1mm) Length* 160-200mm 

Flash ball and Y-injection site* (elastic self-sealing). 

Luer Lock connector 

Complies with all international standards 

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