Samu-med tampons

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Samu-med tampons

36,00 €
Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο

The highly absorbent cotton wool tampons Samu-Med are made of a ball-shaped cotton wool core, sheathed in a soft net covering. They can easily be removed from the packed body cavity thanks to the net tube extension.

Samu-Med tampons are generally used for gynaecological procedures.

Product details:

Samu-Med cotton wool tampon

The core of the dressing is made of equal parts of rayon fibres and cotton wool

With a soft net covering and extension of the net tube, allowing good pulling force

High absorbent

Safely holds fluid and secretions

Easy and safe to remove from the packed body cavity

Net covering prevents the dressing cotton wool from fraying

In package of 100 non sterile tampons.

House of Hatmann Germany

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