Skin marker

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Skin marker

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Scope of application of Medical  Skin Marker Pen:

 1. Widely used in general surgery marking;
 2. Use for radiotherapy and B-type ultrasonography positioning identification;
 3. Use for medical teaching and other activities marking;
 Features of Medical  Skin Marker Pen: 
1. The ink is recognized by CE and tested by independent laboratory, and the markers can be used safely;
2. The ink can paste strongly on skin and not easy to be erased after cleaning and disinfection; 
3. Both formulation and package ensure the validity of ink and can't be dried up in normal use 
4. Specifications: regular type (with 1 mm broad line), fine type (with 0.5 mm broad line), Mini type and dual-tip type;
5. A matched ruler is available;
6. Sterilized products can meet the single use requirement and avoid infection; 
7. We have obtained FDA, CE and ISO13485 Certificate;
8. OEM orders are allowed;
9. Skin marker which does not belong to stationery and toy is a medical device, in line with the relating medical device standard are as follow: EN552, ENISO11137 and EN10993, etc.

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