Sterile Tracheostomy dressing

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Sterile Tracheostomy dressing

TR DRF 1002
35,00 €
Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας

With skin contact layer - absorption layer and backing layer. Dedicated to keep the tracheal stoma area dry and make tracheostomy management easier.


  • Trachi-Dress is a major advance over traditional gauze and foam style dressings. Trachi-Dress absorbs mucus – reducing the risk of mucus sitting on the skin underneath a tracheostomy tube.
  • Because mucus is absorbed into the body of the dressing away from the skin – skin excoriation is minimised and the risk of an infected area developing is reduced.

Ref. TR DRF 1002

House of Kapitex Healthcare Ltd United Kingdom

    Καθετήρας αναρρόφησης TIK με οπή
    0,28 €
  • Μεταξωτό μαντήλι τραχειοστομίας
    17,00 €
  • Τραχειοσωλήνας ασημένιος ομιλίας
    0,00 €
  • Επίθεμα τραχειοστομίας με αλουμίνιο
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