Tube holder with adherent fastener

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Tube holder with adherent fastener

3,50 €
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Tube holder enables the secure fixation of tracheostomy tubes. It is distinguished by its high degree of comfort. Fahl tube holder consists of a light foam core, which is surrounded by a skin friendly non-woven fabric. The materials used are comfortably soft. The strtch-fabric allows coughing reflexes and guarantess a snug fit.

The tube holder is wrapped around the neck and the adherent fastener enables it to be easily and quickly adjusted to the desired neck size. At both ends of the tube holder, thin adherent strips are attached, these are threaded through the eyelets of the neck flange. For fastening, the adherent strips are turned over and fixed to the fluffy side of the tube holder. If the tube holder is too long it can be shortened to the desired length by cutting it. This ensures a secure fit of the tracheostomy tube. 

Intended for single use only, supplied in individual, hygienic packaging.

Ref 32550

House of Fahl Germany


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