At the Germanos Medicals online store you will find internationally certified wet and dry sterilization ovens Tau Steril & Sturdy. Dry sterilization ovens are ideal for the daily needs of a doctor's office and the sterilization of metal objects and surgical instruments, while liquid sterilization ovens are ideal for the sterilization of liquid, gauze, wrapped and unfinished medical instruments in hospitals, clinics, etc.

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Biovet Sturdy SA 232 Tabletop autoclave 16 lt
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The SA-232 liquid autoclave by Sturdy is ideal for sterilizing liquids, gauzes, wrapped as well as u...
The TAU ULTRAVIOL by Tau Steril, Italy, is an ultraviolet radiation sterilizer for rapid sterilizati...
Ultrasonic tool cleaning device 50 Watt - Ultrasonic Cleaner
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Συσκευή  καθαρισμόυ εργαλείων με υπέρηχους Ultrasonic Cleaner   Συνίσταται για την απολύμανση καλλ...
Cultura M - Minilab Incubator
Made to order
Minilab incubator for incubation-cultivation
Sturdy SA-232X Autoclave
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SA-232X Tabletop Automatic Liquid Sterilization Autoclave by Sturdy. Ideal for sterilizing wrapped a...
Sturdy SA-260MB Autoclave sterilizer
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The Sturdy SA-260MB autoclave sterilizer is one of the most modern autoclaves on the market as it is...
UV Topp Double UV Sterilizer
UV Topp Double UV Sterilizer. Equipped with a UV lamp that quickly destroys all microorganisms.

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