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With many years of experience in medical supplies and collaborating with leading manufacturers, at Germanos Medicals we have flow meters, oxygen masks and portable oxygen cylinders. We also have breathing exercisers to keep the patient's oxygen at normal and satisfactory levels.

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Nasal Oxygen Cannula & Tube
Nasal oxygen cannulas with 2m long tube are designed to provide high oxygen flow (15lt/min) during o...
Oxygen Mask
Transparent elastic mask for oxygen supply with flexible nasal plate for better retention on the fac...
Venturi Oxygen Mask
Elastic transparent venturi mask by Teleflex, with 7 valves to adjust the air flow to the desired le...
B-Spiro Inspiratory Exerciser
B-Spiro inspiratory exerciser by Bicakcilar.
O-Pur Oxygen Bottle
Portable O-Pur Cylinder Bottle 8lt from Newpharm,Switzerland for immediate rejuvenation in people wh...
Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter
The MINI WRIGHT Peak flowmeter accurately measures the maximum expiratory flow in each patient.
Oxygen Cylinder with Flow Meter
Last piece
Oxygen cylinder made of stainless steel, full of content. It has a flow meter to adjust the flow to...
Flow meter Aphrodite
Made to order
Flow meter Aphrodite suitable for measuring the maximum expiratory flow in each patient.

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