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ECG Electrocardiographs

At Germanos Medicals you will find state-of-the-art cardiographs and portable electrocardiographs. You will also find wireless cardiographs, electrocardiographs and three-channel cardiographs to record and display the cardiogram. It is an essential tool that allows medical staff to monitor a patient's general state of health. The cardiographs have a 7 "TFT LCD screen for easy reading of the waveforms. The data is printed through a high resolution thermal printer.

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Καρδιογράφος τρικάναλος Contec ECG 300G
Last piece
Cardiograph 3-channel by Gima, Italy. It depicts the electrocardiogram waveform in 3 channels as we...
Biocare Single Channel Electrocardiograph
Made to order
Biocare's 101G digital single-channel cardiograph features a 7" TFT LCD display for easy reading of...
Cardiopocket Single Channel Portable Electrocardiograph
Made to order
Cardiopocket Single Channel Portable Electrocardiograph 12 leads with digital printing.
Aspel Mr Green Electrocardiograph
Made to order
Mr Green 5 is a high-quality three-channel cardiograph. It has a digital screen and an alphanumeric...
ΕCG300G CONTEC 3-channel electrocardiograph
Made to order
ECG300G 3-channel electrocardiograph by Contec
Contec 90A 3-channel cardiograph
Last piece
Cardiopocket 3-channel cardiograph by Gima, Italy. It depicts the electrocardiogram waveform in 3 c...
BT300 Bistos Antepartum Fetal Monitor
Made to order
The BT300 Antepartum Fetal Monitor is an easy-to-use, portable fetal monitor for monitoring and reco...

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