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ECG Electrocardiographs

At Germanos Medicals you will find state-of-the-art cardiographs and portable electrocardiographs. You will also find wireless cardiographs, electrocardiographs and three-channel cardiographs to record and display the cardiogram. It is an essential tool that allows medical staff to monitor a patient's general state of health. The cardiographs have a 7 "TFT LCD screen for easy reading of the waveforms. The data is printed through a high resolution thermal printer.

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Καρδιογράφος τρικάναλος Contec ECG 300G
Last piece
Cardiograph 3-channel by Gima, Italy. It depicts the electrocardiogram waveform in 3 channels as we...
BT300 Bistos Antepartum Fetal Monitor
Made to order
The BT300 Antepartum Fetal Monitor is an easy-to-use, portable fetal monitor for monitoring and reco...
Aspel Mr Green Electrocardiograph
Made to order
Mr Green 5 is a high-quality three-channel cardiograph. It has a digital screen and an alphanumeric...
Biocare Single Channel Electrocardiograph
Made to order
Biocare's 101G digital single-channel cardiograph features a 7" TFT LCD display for easy reading of...
Cardiopocket Single Channel Portable Electrocardiograph
Made to order
Cardiopocket Single Channel Portable Electrocardiograph 12 leads with digital printing.
Contec 90A 3-channel cardiograph
Last piece
Cardiopocket 3-channel cardiograph by Gima, Italy. It depicts the electrocardiogram waveform in 3 c...

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