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At the Germanos Medicals online store you will find medical apparatus and human skeleton training models, as well as vital organ models. In this category you will also find posters for skin disease, respiratory, human muscle, prostate gland, brain etc. They are materials of excellent quality, so that the education of students is as close as possible to a real patient. The posters also have a realistic depiction of the anatomy of the body, which gives you the ability to explain to both the patient and the student the point of the body you are referring to.

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Suture training pad
Silicone suture training pad with 14 wounds.
Human Skin Poster
Realistic and detailed illustration of skin anatomy
Optometric Chart
Last piece
Plastic optometric chart with numbers for wall hanging. Examination from a distance of 5m.   Dimen...
Human Skeleton Poster
Made to order
Color poster realistically depicting all parts of a human skeleton. Great addition to any doctor's o...
Human Ear Poster
Made to order
Color realistic illustration of the anatomy of the inner, middle and outer ear, in dimensions 50x67c...
Nervous System Poster
Made to order
The Nervous System Poster is your ideal tool for a quick and hands-on visualization of the anatomy o...
Stroke poster
Made to order
It depicts the physiology of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke.   Dimensions: 50x67cm
Respiratory System Poster
Made to order
Poster with a detailed illustration of the respiratory system in dimensions 50x67cm
First Aid poster
Made to order
Illustrates basic first aid instructions. On laminated paper, dimensions 50x67cm
Human eye diseases poster
Made to order
It depicts diseases of the human eye due to degenerative changes or refractive anomalies. It is suit...
Cholesterol poster
Made to order
Colorful and detailed poster depicting the effects of high cholesterol as well as its molecular stru...
Female breast anatomy poster
Made to order
Colorful and detailed poster depicting the anatomy, pathology and self-examination of the female bre...
Human Skeleton Model
Made to order
Life-size human skeleton model.
Human Torso Model
Made to order
12-part human torso model
Human muscles poster
Last piece
It depicts the points of the joints and muscles in which there is a possibility of causing injuries...

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