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Other Diagnostic Equipment

In the online store of Germanos Medicals you will find diagnostic instruments of various medical specialties such as dermatoscope, flowmeter, goniometer, scoliometer, skin lesions measuring instrument, orchidometer, diagnostic ophthalmological glasses with holes, etc. They are characterized as products of exceptional quality, ideal to equip any kind of doctor's office and clinic.

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Homecare Diagnostic Light
Diagnostic light by Homecare for the examination of the oropharyngeal cavity and the eyes.
Combi set otoscope & diagnostic lens
The Combi set by Gima, Italy, combines the two functions of the otoscope and diagnostic lens.
Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper
The Slim Guide is one of the cheapest and most accurate skinfold calipers in the world
Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter
The MINI WRIGHT Peak flowmeter accurately measures the maximum expiratory flow in each patient.
Eye Occluder with multiple pinhole
Gima's Eye Occluder with multiple pinhole is used by ophthalmologists and optometrists to test visua...
Gima Scoliometer
Instrument for the evaluation of scoliosis of the spine
Delta LED pen light for tongue depressors
Medical diagnostic lens with LED lighting and removable tongue depressors holder   Available in re...
The MUAC tape (Mid Upper Arm Circumference) is used to assess a person's nutritional status by measu...
Gima Skin Lesion Scaling Instrument
Gima Skin Lesion Scaling Instrument
Gima pregnancy prediction disc
The Gima pregnancy prediction disc is used by obstetricians and professionals. It consists of two r...
Gima Orchidometer Wood
Last piece
Gima orchidometer for testicles examination by pediatricians.
Ri-Clar Headlight
The Ri-Clar Riester frontal lens is a useful and convenient tool for examining patients in the offic...
Spirobank II Smart MIR Spirometer
Made to order
The portable spirometer SpiroBank II Smart by MIR, Italy, provides the ability to examine up to 45 s...
Heine Rectoscope / Proctoscope Set
Last piece
Complete high quality proctoscopy diagnostic set with fiber optic lighting by Heine, Germany.
Riester Metpak Pressure Infusion Cuff
Last piece
Metpak pressure infusion cuff by Riester, Germany, for rapid blood transfusion. For exerting constan...

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