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Tracheostomy Dressings & Gauzes

In addition to tracheal tubes, at Germanos Medicals you will find everything you need to care for and clean the area. Discover non-sterile gauze and pads in various shapes such as oval or square and with a slit for a better fit. We also have tracheostomy gauze with reinforced aluminum foil for greater tightness.

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Bastos Viegas Tracheostomy Compresses
Tracheostomy compresses with round slit by Bastos Viegas, Portugal, for absorption of oral secretion...
Rex Drain Tracheostomy Drainage Swabs (pack of 2)
Rex Drain tracheostomy drainage swabs, 10x10cm non woven gauze, ideal for tracheostomy cases.
Tracheal Compress with Aluminium Coating
Out of stock
Tracheal compress with a special slit by Fahl, Germany, reinforced with aluminum foil for greater ti...
Tracheal compresses for kids - Sensotrach Uno Ped Slit Fahl
Sensotrach Uno Ped Slit children's tracheostomy compresses, in a curved shape for the best fit on th...
Sensotrach Tracheal Compress
Curved-shaped tracheal compress by Fahl, Germany for the best neck fit.
910 B - Tracoe Care Tracheal Compresses with Zigzag Slit
Highly absorbent tracheal compresses with zig-zag slit, non-sterile.   Dimensions: 9x9,8 cm Packa...
969 Tracheostomy Stoma Pads
The 969 Tracheostomy Stoma Pads by Tracoe, Germany is used as a classic tracheostomy patch to absorb...
Trachi-dress Tracheostomy Dressings (20 pcs)
Trachi-dress absorbent tracheostomy dressings by Kapitex, UK that reduces the accumulation of mucus...

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