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Get manicure and pedicure consumables from our online store, ensuring quality and at the same time safety for the customer. Aiming for the excellent quality and in combination with the economical price, you can find equipment of aesthetic items that is necessary in every beauty center.

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Disposable Razors
Blue single-blade razors suitable for use in minor operations.
Non-woven Disposable Slippers (pair)
Disposable slippers made of non-woven material with a reinforced and soft sole. Suitable for medical...
Nylon Gloves (100 pcs)
Textured nylon gloves for all purposes   Sizes: M L Packaging: 100 pcs
Non-woven Boxer Shorts
Non-woven boxer shorts in black color Available per piece
Non-woven Disposable Slippers (pair)
Disposable slippers made of non-woven material. Ideal for hotels, spas, clinics, etc.
Ultrasound Gel - SonicGel Clear 5lt
Ultrasound gel SonicGel 5 lt transparent, suitable for all types of ultrasound.   Produced in Gree...
Ultrasound Gel- SonicGel 250ml
SonicGel ultrasound gel 250 ml transparent, suitable for all types of ultrasound.   Produced in Gr...
Disposable Pedicure flip-flops (pair)
Disposable pedicure flip-flops. Available in pairs.
Non-woven single-use Caps with an elastic band (100 pcs)
Out of stock
Disposable cap made of non-woven material 35gr in a package of 100 pieces.
Cotton 70 gr
Medicinal cotton 100% hydrophilic, suitable for medical and cosmetic use
Mesoram Disposable Mesotherapy Needles G30 (100 pcs)
Mesoram disposable mesotherapy needles G30.   Packaging: 100 pcs
Pur-Zellin Swab Roll Non Sterile (500 pcs/roll)
Pur-Zellin swab roll by Hartmann, Germany, in 4x5cm non-sterile pre-cut rolls.   They are used to...
Derma Roller device
The Derma roller is a professional microneedle mesotherapy device that can remove dead skin, loosen...
Acetone 1lt
Pure acetone for external use
Laser Hair Removal Gel
Out of stock
A gel specially designed for cosmetic laser hair removal.

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