At Germanos medicals, you will find everything you need for surgical forceps.
Pean, circle & Kelly forceps are used in many surgeries, usually to control bleeding or fluid flow in the tubes. They have handles like scissors. The forceps can be locked in multiple positions to maintain various levels of constant pressure. The surgical forceps are stainless steel, a material that makes them extremely durable in use and over time. You will find a wide variety of products, able to cope with many applications and all specialties.

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Plastic Sterile Disposable Forceps
Out of stock
Disposable Mediware anatomical forceps, with rounded and wide tips.
Dressing Forceps
Dressing forceps with straight tips, straight made of stainless steel.
Surgical Forceps
Surgical forceps made of stainless steel, suitable for many applications.
Scalpel Handle
Stainless steel scalpel handle
Straight Mosquito Forceps
Halsted Mosquito forceps straight made of stainless metal.
Curved Hemostatic Forceps
Pean-Kelly hemostatic forceps, curved made of stainless steel.
Straight Pean Forceps
Pean and Kelly hemostatic forceps, straight made of stainless steel.
Curved Mosquito Forceps
Curved Halsted Mosquito forceps made of stainless steel
Disposable Pean Type Forceps for Catheter Closure
Mediware disposable plastic sealing forceps
Dressing Forceps - Thin Tip
Stainless steel dressing forceps, straight with thin tips
Curved Dressing Forceps - Delicate Tip
Curved dressing forceps with delicate tip made of stainless steel
Adson Surgical Forceps
Out of stock
Adson surgical forceps, 12 cm long, made of stainless steel, suitable for a variety of applications.
Towel Clamp
Backhaus towel clamp made of stainless metal
Cotton & Dressing Forceps
Cotton & dressing forceps 16cm long, made of stainless steel
Adson Dressing Forceps
Adson dressing forceps, 12 cm long, made of stainless steel, suitable for a wide range of applicatio...

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