For the daily protection of the oral cavity, get dental supplies that will give you the result you want. Choose consumable dental materials from Germanos Medicals, equipping your office with all the necessary items, covering the needs of the patient.

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Spongostan Dental Hemostatic Sponge
Hemostatic sponge Spongostan by Ethicon, USA, excellent quality specially formed for dental applicat...
Dental Rolls Ν2 (1.000 pcs)
Cylindrical cotton swabs for dental use, dimensions 1x3.8cm (number N2)
Viruton Forte 1lt concetrated for cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments
Viruton Forte 1lt is a highly effective, concentrated product for simultaneous cleaning and disinfec...
Dental towels (500 pcs)
Dental towels of excellent quality, suitable for covering patients and protecting them from stains a...
Velox Foam Extra 1lt Disinfectant for sensitive surfaces
Velox Foam Extra (foam) is effective on cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of surfaces. Suitabl...
Disinfectant solution of rotary instruments (2lt)
Solution for the disinfection and cleaning of rotary instruments   Ready to use - To be us...
Dental Bibs with Neckline (100 pcs)
Dental bids with neckline, dimensions 60x54cm.   Available Colors Blue Light Blue...
Saliva Ejectors (100 pcs)
Non-sterile dental saliva ejectors, 15cm long in a pack of 100 pieces.
Viruton Pre 1lt
Out of stock
Viruton Pre is a ready to use product for pre - disinfecting and cleaning foam for surgical instrume...
Saliva Ejectors - 5 Colour Mix (100 pcs)
Non-sterile dental saliva ejectors, 15cm long.
Viruton Pulver 1kg surgical instrument disinfectant (powder)
Viruton Pulver is designed for cleaning and high-level disinfection of invasive and non-invasive dev...
Quatrodes Forte 5lt concentrated surface disinfectant
Quatrodes Forte is a concentrated liquid for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. Suitable for ex...

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