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In the online store of Germanos Medicals you will find everything you need from high quality surgical supplies, which are used in all surgeries. More specifically, you will find consumables for surgical and diagnostic devices such as cones, cardiograph paper, chest electrodes, clip-on electrodes, cuffs, orthopedic saw blade, spare lamps, stethoscope spare parts, medical device batteries.

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Bastos Viegas Otoscope Tips
Disposable otoscope tips by Bastos Viegas, Portugal, made of plastic. They are compatible with most...
Spirometer Mouthpiece - Adults
Disposable adult paper mouthpieces for spirometers, varnished for improved feel.
Heine Otoscope Tips (50pcs)
Otoscope tips, disposable, plastic, by Heine Germany - AllSpec (Grey)
Fiab ECG Adhesive Electrodes for adults (100pcs)
Self-adhesive foam electrodes in oval shape 36x45mm, suitable for all cardiac procedures, ECG, stres...
Dr. Pen Ultima A6S replacement head
Dr. Pen Ultima A6S replacement head for microneedling mesotherapy device.  Available with number of...
Blood Lancet Needles 100pcs
Blood Lancet Needles for blood glucose monitor system G27. Packaging: 100 pcs
Replacement Head Dr Pen Α1
Dr. Pen Ultima A1 replacement head for Microneedling mesotherapy device.    Number of needle...
Beta Otoscope Tips (50pcs)
Unispec disposable otoscope tips by Heine, Germany, for BETA 100 and K 100 otoscopes.
Sphygmomanometer Bulb
Sphygmomanometer bulb. Compatible with most analog blood pressure monitors
Stethoscope Ear Tips
Stethoscope ear tips in pairs
Sphygmomanometer Air Release Valve
Sphygmomanometer air release valve. Compatible with most brands on the market
Air Chamber for Blood Pressure Cuff
Elastic air chamber for adult blood pressure cuff
ECG Paper 110mm
High quality cardiograph thermal paper with precise markings, suitable for all devices using a 110mm...
ECG Puar Electrodes
Cardiograph suction cups. They are available in two sizes of 6 pieces. *Minimum order is 6 pieces
Stethoscope case hard
Hard stethoscope case by Gima, Italy.

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