Oximeters are essential for any doctor's office or clinic to accurately measure oxygen levels as well as heart rate. At Germanos Medicals you will find professional oximeters but also for home use as well as pulse finger oximeters that are characterized by accuracy and reliability.

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OXY-2 oximeter
The OXY -2 finger oximeter by Gima, Italy is a particularly reliable solution for calculating SPO2 l...
Jumper Plus oximeter
The Jumper Plus oximeter is a very economical and reliable solution. Suitable for home and professio...
OXY - 50 oximeter
OXY-50 pulse oximeter with finger clip by Gima, Italy. It has a color indicator for instant measurem...
iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter
The iHEALTH oximeter by Gima, Italy, is designed to measure blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2), h...
Pediatric oximetry sensor OXY-5
Pediatric oximetry sensor OXY - 5 by Gima, Italy. Compatible with the OXY - 5 oximeter.
Nonin Vantage Onyx oximeter
Last piece
Onyx finger pulse oximeter by Nonin, USA, with proven scientific accuracy in the most difficult case...
Neonatal oximetry sensor
Neonatal oximetry sensor OXY - 5 by Gima, Italy.
Oximeter connection cable - OXY 50
Oximeter connection cable - OXY 50
Disposable oximetry sensor for children
Made to order
Disposable oximetry sensor for children.  

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