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At the Germanos Medicals online store, in the category First Aid Equipment we have equipment for use in emergencies and immediate intervention. Get first aid kit (complete and empty), car escape tool, medical equipment carrying bag, wall-mounted pharmacy with glass door and many more first aid kits. For immediate patient assistance you can find split stretcher, ambulance stretcher and head immobilizers. You will also find first aid bags and large backpacks specially designed to store medical equipment, car escape tool, rescue bracelet, portable suction device, chip removal ophthalmic pen, laryngoscope, etc.

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Car Escape Tool
The versatile portable Hammer tool is an essential equipment for the safety of drivers in case of em...
Isothermal double blanket
Isothermal double aluminum blanket, necessary for emergency situations to maintain the person's body...
Pharma box First Aid Kit
Complete Pharma Box first aid kit with wall mount suitable for offices & companies.  It can be...
Military Tourniquet
Military tourniquet for emergency cases.   Desinged to stop the bleeding in emergency case.  ...
Reusable Silicone Resuscitator
Reusable resuscitator GST Ambu type made of high quality silicone.
Manual suction Fazzini
The manual suction by Fazzini, Italy is a small, portable and easy-to-use suction, ideal for the rem...
Mobiakcare Car Emergency Kit
The Mobiakcare pharmacy is a must-have in any car.   In practical size (dimensions: 23x16x4.5cm)
Pharma Box - First Aid Case (Empty)
Pharma box First Aid case with wall mount.   Dimensions Type 25x18x8,5 cm Box 3...
Air Cast shin splint
Air Cast tibial splint made of plastic, double valve with air - silicone pockets. Prevents the rota...
Double-sided splinters eye tool remover
Double-sided splinters eye tool remover.
Dead Body Bag
Bag for transporting corpses
WRIST’S Survival bracelet
Survival bracelet made of fluorescent lightweight paracord material and designed to include all the...
Emergency Immobilization Stretcher
Emergency immobilization stretcher "Poseidon" made of lightweight, unbreakable material or the safe...
Gima Medical Bag
Professional bag for medical visits, necessary for every doctor who is on the move!
Flexible hand splint
Out of stock
Flexible aluminum splint lined with foam for the hand.It is waterproof, easy to clean and reusable....

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