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Στο online κατάστημά μας θα βρείτε τα κατάλληλα προϊόντα για την φροντίδα των ασθενών και την νοσηλεία στο σπίτι. Καλύπτουμε τις ανάγκες του ασθενή με όλα τα απαραίτητα είδη όπως πάνες ακράτειας, είδη καθαρισμού και καθημερινής υγιεινής, βοηθήματα καθημερινότητας, στρώματα κατάκλισης και άλλα.

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Urine Drainage Bag with T-tap
Out of stock
Bedside urine drainage bag 3S with 2000ml capacity and T-tap.   It has gradation per 100ml, a non-...
Urine Drainage Bag
Simple non-sterile bedside urine collection bag made of medical type (non-toxic) PVC according to in...
Single plastic mattress cases
Single plastic mattress cases   Packaging: 10 pcs  
Supersoft - Silicone Male External Catheter
Supersoft Male External catheters made of 100% medical silicone with adhesive.
Male Urinal Disposable
Disposable male urinal, made of pressed paper.
Nasal Oxygen Cannula & Tube
Out of stock
Nasal oxygen cannula with a 2m long tube.
Nebulizer Mask
Aerolin oxygen mask made of transparent elastic material, suitable for drug nebulization   Availab...
Abena Shampoo Cap
Out of stock
The shampoo cap by Abena is ideal for the care of patients as it is impregnated with shampoo and con...
Molicare Extra Plus - Incontinence Day Slip (Diaper)
Hartmann Germany MoliCare® Premium day incontinence diapers for severe to acute urinary and / or fae...
Septona Underpads 60x90cm (15 pcs)
Underpads by Septona made with advanced SAP (Super Absorbent Powder) technology that ensures maximum...
Male Urinal
Plastic Male Urinal
Venturi Oxygen Mask
Ελαστική διαφανής μάσκα venturi Teleflex με 7 βαλβίδες για την ρύθμιση της ροής του αέρα στο επιθυμη...
Abena Hair & Body Wash (Washing without water) 200ml
Out of stock
Abena soap 200ml for cleansing hair and body specially designed for bedridden people and very sensit...
Urine Drainage Leg Bag
Urine drainage leg bag 500ml for tying the thigh.   It has a non-return valve and a drain tap. Wi...
MoliCare Premium Super Plus - Incontinence Night Slip (Diaper)
MoliCare® Premium Super Plus night incontinence diapers by Hartmann, Germany for acute urinary and /...

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