Get the right equipment and consumables needed in every gynaecological office. At Germanos Medicals you will find obstetric and gynaecological consumables such as speculums and ultrasound gels from reputable suppliers that prioritize patient safety and hygiene.

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Disposable Vaginal Speculum
Disposable plastic vaginal speculum in sterile packaging
Vaginal Pessary Ring
Vaginal silicone pessary ring for uterine prolapse treatment  
Ultrasound Gel - SonicGel Clear 5lt
Last piece
Ultrasound gel SonicGel 5 lt transparent, suitable for all types of ultrasound.   Produced in Gree...
Microscope Slide Cardboard Folder for 2 slides
Out of stock
Microscope Slide Cardboard Folder for 2 slides. Ideal for Pap tests.
Umbilical cord clips
Umbilical cord clips sterile, suitable for holding the umbilical cord of the newborn.
Knittel Microscope Slides (50 pcs)
Microscope glass slides by Knittel Glass, Germany.
Optilube Lubricating Gel 82gr
Out of stock
Optilube lubricating gel 82gr, suitable for a wide range of applications.   Formulated with wate...
Ultrasonic Probe Covers PLP (144 pcs)
Lubricant free ultrasonic sensor Probe covers. Transparent, smooth, cylindrical with a diameter of...
Ultrasound Gel - SonicGel - Blue 5lt
Ultrasound gel SonicGel 5 lt blue, suitable for all types of ultrasound.   Produced in Greece
Pap Smear Spatulas - Wooden (100 pcs)
Wooden spatulas for Pap test.   Packaging: 100 pieces
Disposable Cotton Swabs Jumbo (100 pcs)
20cm jumbo disposable cotton swabs.   Packaging: 100 pcs
Velox Foam Extra 1lt Disinfectant for sensitive surfaces
Velox Foam Extra (foam) is effective on cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of surfaces. Suitabl...
Intrauterine Device (IUD) - T Shaped
T-shaped Intrauterine Device (IUD) for long-term contraception
Wallach type PAP-test brush
Wallach type PAP-test brush. It provides a high efficiency cell sample that helps to derive PAP-tes...
Disposable amniotomy hook
Disposable amniotomy plastic hook Rimos.

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