At Germanos Medicals you will find glass tubes with or without a cap, which are useful in clinics, microbiological laboratories and clinics. Blood collection tubes are used to collect and analyze blood. Find them in our online store at affordable prices.

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Acetic acid solution 5% (200ml)
Acetic acid solution 5% in a bottle of 200ml, suitable for gynecological use
BD Vacutainer Hemogard with Citrate
Made to order
BD Vacutainer Hemogard glass tubes for the safe collection and storage of blood with Sodium Citrate...
Wooden tongs
Wooden tongs for test tubes, 18cm long   Available per piece
Glass Test Tubes (250 pcs)
Out of stock
Glass test tubes of two types: Helomysis without rim (Wassermann) with a diameter of 13mm Centri...

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