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The medical scalpels you will find at Germanos Medicals offer precision in every surgical incision. Get high quality scalpel with disposable plastic handle as well as stainless steel scalpel. Also, you can get surgical blades from carbon & stainless steel in various sizes.

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Paramount Surgical Blades (100pcs)
Paramount Carbon surgical blades made of carbon steel in boxes of 100 pieces.
Paramount Disposable Scalpels (10 pcs)
Disposable stainless steel scalpels with Paramount plastic handle
Feather Surgical Blades (100 pcs)
Feather surgical blades by PFM Medical, Germany, have given new meaning to the phrase "precision cut...
Paragon Morton surgical blades
Made to order
Paragon Morton surgical blades of excellent quality made of carbon steel.   In many sizes for a va...
Feather Disposable Scalpels (10 pcs)
Feather scalpels by PFM Medical, Germany, made of excellent quality stainless steel. Available in a...
Feather Disposable Blade Remover
Container for blade disposal.
Myringotomy surgical blades (5 pcs)
Out of stock
Stainless steel myringotomy surgical blades.   Suitable for piercing the tympanic membrane (ear dr...

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