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Stainless Steel Surgical Utensils

In the category of surgical utensils, you will find various stainless steel surgical utensils that are necessary for every surgery. More specifically, you will find a wide variety of stainless steel medical utensils for liquids, cotton, gauze and instruments. The utensils are suitable for storing tools and materials, as well as being used as sterilization containers.

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Inox Kidney Dish
Inox Kidney Dish
Inox Bowl
General use inox bowl with rim.
Inox Instrument Tray - Shallow
Shallow tray for medical instruments, made of stainless steel.   Size 21 x 11 cm 2...
Surgical Instrument Sterilization Box
Stainless metal surgical instrument sterilization box with lid.
Inox Cotton Wool Container
Cotton wool container made of stainless steel.
Inox Instrument Tray with Lid / Sterilization Container
Inox Instrument Tray with Lid / Sterilization Container   Dimensions 22 x 8 cm 22 x 12 cm 26...
Inox Instrument Tray - Deep
Deep instrument tray without lid made of stainless steel.   Dimensions 22 x 12 x 5 cm...
Inox Forceps Jar
Out of stock
Inox forceps jar
Thermometer Jar
Made to order
Thermometer Jar mdde of stainless metal
Round Basin
Round basin made of stainless steel for the preparation of plaster.
Operating Room Inox Bucket
Stainless steel operating room bucket with handle
Inox Measuring Jug / Cup 1000ml
Inox Measuring Jug / Cup 1000ml
Inox Gauze Disinfection Container
Made to order
Stainless steel container for disinfecting gauzes or tubes in a sterilizer.
Metal rack for 5 syringes
Last piece
Metal rack for 5 syringes

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