Find consumable cardiology items and get the necessary and the most reliable equipment for your office from Germanos Medicals. The variety of cardiological consumables includes chest electrodes, gel, clip-on electrodes, cardiograph paper, etc. Find them at affordable prices online!

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Vacutainer BD Holder
Υποδοχείς (Holder) για την εισαγωγή σωληναρίων κενού Vacutainer BD.Είναι κατασκευασμένοι από διαφανέ...
Skintact ECG Adhesive Electrodes for Adults (30 pcs)
Skintact F-55 self-adhesive electrodes, suitable for cardiographs, fatigue tests and Holters.   Pa...
Fiab ECG Adhesive Electrodes for adults (100pcs)
Self-adhesive foam electrodes in oval shape 36x45mm, suitable for all cardiac procedures, ECG, stres...
FIAB Sticker Electrodes for Children (100pcs)
Out of stock
Self-adhesive electrodes for children, by FIAB, Italy, made of foam material with snap connection....
Velox Spray 1lt small surface disinfectant
Velox Spray is an alcoholic liquid for rapid disinfection of small surfaces.   Suitable for doctor...
Velodes Silk 1lt Hand disinfection
Velodes Silk is a liquid, ready to use, alcohol based product for hand and small surfaces disinfecti...
ECG Paper 110mm
High quality cardiograph thermal paper with precise markings, suitable for all devices using a 110mm...
ECG Paper 110x140mm
High quality thermal cardiograph paper with precision markings.   Compatible with cardiographs:...
ECG Puar Electrodes
Cardiograph suction cups. They are available in two sizes of 6 pieces. *Minimum order is 6 pieces
ECG Paper 112mm
High quality ECG paper in roll, with precision markings suitable for all devices that use a 112mm wi...
Velox Foam Extra 1lt Disinfectant for sensitive surfaces
Velox Foam Extra (foam) is effective on cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of surfaces. Suitabl...
ECG Clamp Electrodes (4pcs)
Μανταλάκια ενηλίκων κατάλληλα για όλους τους καρδιογράφους με καλώδιο ασθενούς που διαθέτουν ακροδέκ...
ECG Paper VCOMIN 20x80mm
ECG Paper 3-channel VCOMIN on a roll. Compatible with cardiographs: CAREWELL 1103GW, 1103L...
Ultrasound Paper - Sony UPP 110S
Made to order
Χαρτί υπερήχων Sony UPP-110S.    Κατάλληλο για εκτυπωτές: UP-895CE UP-D895 UP-890CE UP-D890...
Ultrasound Paper Sony UPP HG
Made to order
Χαρτί υπερήχων Sony UPP-110S.    Κατάλληλο για εκτυπωτές:  UP - 895MD UP - D895 UP - 897MD  ...

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