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Suction & Nebulisation

At Germanos Medicals you can find portable and desktop suction devices. Also, you have the option for battery-operated suction devices with foot control. There is also an online suction device available for patients with tracheostomy as well as a wide variety of nebulizer masks, table and portable nebulizers.

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Nebulizer Mask
Aerolin oxygen mask made of transparent elastic material, suitable for drug nebulization   Availab...
Fahl nebulizer set
Fahl nebulizer set for use with patients with tracheostomy.
Nebulizer Nimo
Nebulizer Nimo, ideal for home use for patients of all ages.   Nebulizes all medicines easily an...
Νεφελοποιητής παιδικός μαϊμουδάκι Nimo
Συσκευή νεφελοποίησης Nimo, ιδανική για κατ' οίκον χρήση σε παιδιά, σε σχήμα μαϊμού.
Mouth cleaning set
Βουρτσάκι καθαρισμού για την περιποίηση της στοματικής κοιλότητας και την αναρρόφηση σιέλων, μίας χρ...
Fazzini F.36 Suction Pump
F.36 portable suction pump by Fazzini, Italy is small, light, easy to use and low noise with 38l / m...
Mesh Gima Portable nebulizer
Mesh portable nebulizer by Gima, designed for use by adults and children.
Ca-Mi 1lt Suction Pump Jar
1lt plastic suction pump jar by Ca-mi, compatible with most household suction devices. 
Ca-Mi Askir 30 Suction Unit
Last piece
Askir 30 suction unit by Ca-Mi is ideal for patients with tracheostomy in a home-based environment
C 801 - Nebulizer for Children
Made to order
O νεφελοποιητής C 801 της Omron είναι ειδικά σχεδιασμένος για παιδιά και βρέφη.
Diamond Antistatic Medication Balloon
Last piece
Philips OptiChamber Diamond Antistatic Medication Balloon.   Available with Small & Medium siz...
Ca-Mi Askir 36 ΒR Battery Suction Unit
Made to order
Askir 36 BR suction unit by Ca-Mi with built-in battery is ideal for patients with tracheostomy in a...
Askir 30C Suction Unit on castors
Made to order
Askir 30C Suction Unit on castors by Ca-Mi, suitable for clinics and clinics

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