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Other Tracheostomy Products

Discover tracheostomy masks, connectors, mount catheters and tracheal caps of excellent quality at Germanos Medicals, at the best market prices. They are some of the essential components of tracheostomy patients.

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Mount Catheter
Kyoling mount catheter for connecting the tracheal tube to the ventilator circuit.
Tracheostomy Mask
Out of stock
The tracheostomy mask is used to connect the patient to a respiratory circuit, oxygen cylinder, or n...
T-Shaped Tracheostomy Connector
Τ-Shaped tracheostomy connector
Tracheostomy mask Fiab
Tracheostomy mask by Fiab, Italy.Suitable for connecting the patient to an oxygen cylinder or nebuli...
Secutrach® Shower guard
Out of stock
Water protection mask during the shower for the convenience of patients with tracheostomy or people...
Tracheostomy Tube Occlusion Caps (5 pcs)
Tracheostomy Tube Occlusion Caps by Tracoe, Germany for sealing tracheal tubes.
Voice Prostheses Cleaning Brushes (6 pcs)
Brushes for gentle and effective cleaning of the voice (speaking) valve.
Laryvox Alarm
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Laryvox alarm by Fahl, Germany.
Fahl Cuff Pressure Monitor Gauge
Cuff Pressure Monitor Gauge by Fahl, Germany, for measuring cuff pressure in tracheal tubes.
Laryvox Stoma Light
LARYVOX Stoma Light lens by Fahl, Germany, for safe and easy cleaning of the voice valve.
Atos Cuff Pressure Monitor
Atos Medical sphygmomanometer for monitoring cuff pressure in tracheal tubes. The colored area of th...
Tracoe Smart Cuff Manager
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The Smart Cuff Manager byTracoe, Germany, monitors and regulates the cuff pressure of the tracheal t...
Laryvox® Adhesive Foam Disc
Laryvox ring for smoothing the anatomical abnormalities of the tracheostoma made of foam material.
Stoppers Stoma-Button 621 (5pcs)
Stoppers stoma buttons Tracoe available in a sterile pack of 5 pcs

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