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Disposable Clothing

The range of consumables for personal protection and personal hygiene in the medical, industrial and pharmaceutical industry that you will discover at Germanos Medicals is essential for any type of surgery, even dentistry.


In our online store you will find disposable medical clothing that protects the medical staff and the patient from exposure to germs and infections. Discover disposable medical masks as well as surgical gowns such as sterile surgical t-shirts in various sizes, antimicrobial mats as well as shoe covers and caps.


Also, the Germanos Medicals variety in medical clothing includes goggles, surgical protection overalls and disposable underwear.

Our goal is to protect the medical staff and patients to the fullest extent during a medical examination, surgery or even recovery or care of the patient at home.

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Surgical Face Masks (50 pcs)
Disposable non-woven protection masks in a package of 50 pieces.   Type: Medical Surgical Mask...
FFP2 Masks WORK (5 pcs)
High protection FFP2 4-ply conical mask against 95% of viruses.   Packaging: 5 pcs
Antimicrobial Sticky Mats (30 pcs)
Self-adhesive antimicrobial sticky mats in a 30 sheets bundle   Dimensions: 45x90cm 45x115cm
Non-woven Disposable Visitor Gowns- 30gr Blue (10 pcs)
Disposable visitor gowns made of non-woven material
Μάσκα χειρουργική FFP3
Οι μάσκες FFP2 είναι υψηλής προστασίας με 4 στρώματα και προστατεύουν ενάντια στο 95% των ιών.   Δ...
Non-woven Disposable Slippers (pair)
Παντόφλες απο non-woven υλικό με ενισχυμένο και μαλακό πάτο. Κατάλληλες για ιατρεία, κέντρα αισθητικ...
Non-woven Disposable Slippers (pair)
Out of stock
Παντόφλες κλειστές λευκές απο non-woven υλικό,μιας χρήσης.
Non-woven Sterile Surgical Gown
Disposable sterile surgical gown, non-woven in size Large
Nylon Shoe Covers 3gr (100 pcs)
Nylon Shoe Covers 3gr, in blue.   Packaging: 100 pcs
Non-woven Boxer Shorts
Non-woven boxer shorts in black color Available per piece
Disposable Non-woven Pleated Caps - Blue (100 pcs)
Disposable non-woven pleated cap in blue color.   Packaging: 100 pcs
Non-woven Protective Coverall
Non-woven protective caverall with hood and zipper on the front side.   Produced in Greece
Protective Goggles
Transparent protective goggles with panoramic glass, with side and front protection against infectio...
Non-woven single-use Caps with an elastic Band (100pcs)
Σκουφάκι μίας χρήσης  από μη υφασμάτινο υλικό (non-woven) 35gr σε συσκευασία 100 τεμαχίων.
100% cotton Fabric Kids Face Mask with patterns
100% cotton kids' fabric mask in cheerful designs 

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