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FFP2 Masks WORK (5 pcs)

SKU: SY95-1
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High protection FFP2 4-ply conical mask against 95% of viruses.


Packaging: 5 pcs

The 4-ply FFP2 conical mask is highly protective and protects against 95% of viruses.


It can be used as a precaution against germs, solid and liquid aerosols, dust, small particles in the air, pollen, mold, smoke, etc.


The resistance of the air as well as the concentration of heat and humidity is lower inside the mask. The triptych design and straps facilitate good fit on the face and speech.


It can be used as a protective measure to control the spread of certain respiratory diseases such as COVID-19 coronavirus infection.


* It is disposable but suitable for long hours of use


  • FFP2 protection
  • It protects against moderate dust levels
  • It protects against solid and liquid particles in the air
  • Higher protection than FFP1
  • It can be used for plastering and sanding
  • It filters 10 times more particles

Packaging: 5 pcs

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