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First Aid Disposables

In the online store of Germanos Medicals you will find all the necessary first aid consumables for emergency patient care for immediate application in the field.

We have excellent quality consumables such as air vents, bandages and hemostatic sprays, isothermal blankets, gauze pads, poison suction devices and ice packs, soft and hard collars in all sizes, resuscitation products such as disposable resuscitation masks - keychain and reusable resuscitation masks.

You will find them immediately available at the best market prices on our website.

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Guedel-type Oropharyngeal Airway
Disposable Guedel-type plastic oropharyngeal airway
Disposable Instant Ice Pack
Disposable ice pack made of synthetic ice
Ισοθερμική διπλή κουβέρτα
Out of stock
Ισοθερμική διπλή αλουμινοκουβέρτα, απαραίτητη για έκτακτες περιπτώσεις για την διατήρηση της θερμοκρ...
Pressure hemostatic bandage
Pressure hemostatic sterile bandage   Dimensions: 8x10cm
Kids' pads (20 pcs)
Hansaplast pads for kids with favorite Disney characters, suitable for all types of small wounds. T...
Waterproof pads Universal (20 pcs)
Waterproof pads Universal ideal to cover all types of small wounds. Available in 4 sizes.   Packa...
Burncare Hydrogel Burn Dressing 10x10
Burncare hydrogel burn dressing designed to provide immediate relief from burn pain.
Hard Cervical Collar
Hard collar in case the immobilization of the neck is required Size Neck S smaller tha...
Cold/Hot Gel Pack
Ice pack gel in soft package to relieve muscle pain
CPR Face Mask
CPR face mask with non-return valve for patient resuscitation.   In a plastic case for easy transp...
O-Pur Oxygen Bottle
Portable O-Pur Cylinder Bottle 8lt from Newpharm,Switzerland for immediate rejuvenation in people wh...
Disposable resuscitation mask - keychain
Disposable resuscitation mask - keychain
Octenisept Wound Gel (20 ml)
Octenisept Wound Gel is a gel for wounds such as abrasions, cutting wounds & minor burns. It pro...
Burnshield Burn Dressing 10x10cm
Burnshield sterile gauze dressing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns, disposable.   Contains 40g...
Hemostatic tape
Hemostatic tape 1.8m long and 8cm wide

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