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In the category Other Surgical Instruments you will find high quality specialized surgical instruments of various applications and specialties, necessary for performing any type of surgery. Purchase products such as cotton swabs, stainless steel rhinoscopes for adults or children, curette, suture extractor, bone straighteners and other instruments.

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Surgical Clip Remover
Surgical clip remover for disposable metal clips. In sterile packaging.
Αdvan Skin Stapler
Συρραπτικό δέρματος Advan, έτοιμο για χρήση.Περιέχει 35 ανταλλακτικά
ENT Suction Tip
Stainless steel ENT suction tip.
Surgical Probe Round
Out of stock
Surgical probe round made of stainless steel
Nasal Specula
Stainless steel nasal specula for adults or children
PORE Wonder 5 in 1 professional pore cleansing tool set
Out of stock
Professional pore cleansing tool set of excellent quality
Straight scalpel 13cm
Νυστέρι ευθύ με λεπτό άκρο από ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι.   Διάσταση 13cm
Ring Laryngeal Mirror Handle
Ring laryngeal mirror handle with clamp
Volkmann Curette / Spoon
Volkmann Curette / Spoon
Snippex Podology Probe 15cm
Out of stock
Snippex Podology Probe 15cm
Double-sided splinters eye tool remover
Double-sided splinters eye tool remover.
Hohmann Bone Elevator
Made to order
Hohmann bone elevator made of stainless steel. Available in two sizes (lengths): 6 cm 14 cm
Dura Vessel Retractor
Out of stock
Dura Vessel Retractor with blunt tip, made of stainless metal.
Nasal Dilators (clips)
Clip-type nasal dilators in a set that includes three different sizes (N 1,2,3). The price refers t...
Hegar Dilators
Set of stainless Hegar dilators

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