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Hand Sanitizers

Find gel hand sanitizers, liquids as well as antiseptic wet wipes that can be easily stored in bags. The hand and skin antiseptics that you will find available in our online store are suitable for rapid disinfection, eliminating 99.99% of the most common germs.


Choose antiseptics for both personal use and your space as well as for surgical disinfection. Germanos Medicals mild alcoholic antiseptic solutions are available from different companies as well as in different sizes. Get the right ones for you and your personal space for safe hand and skin antiseptic.

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Solidan Antiseptic Hand Gel 600ml
Solidan mild antiseptic hand solution gel with alcohol 600ml that eliminates 99.99% of the most comm...
Surgical Scrub Brush
Disposable surgical brush with 7.5% iodine, for the disinfection of hands and nails. On one side it...
Solidan Antiseptic Hand Gel 1lt
Solidan mild antiseptic hand solution gel with alcohol 1lt that eliminates 99.99% of the most common...
HARTMANN Manusept Antiseptic Hand Gel 100ml
Manusept Gel in a practical package of 100ml, ideal for safe hand antiseptic in any case  
Solidan Antiseptic Hand Gel100ml
Mild antiseptic hand gel with alcohol Solidan Gel 100ml that fits in any backpack or bag
Alcohol lotion 95ο 430ml
Οινόπνευμα lotion 95ο για γενική αντισηψία σε φιάλη 430 ml
Οινόπνευμα lotion 70o Sunrise 410ml
Αλκοολούχος lotion Sunrise  70° βαθμών σε συσκευασία 410ml.  
Bakti-Rub Hand & Skin Disinfectant 250ml
Ready-to-use colorless solution with alcohol in spray for rapid disinfection of hands and skin.
Sunrise Alcohol Lotion 70° 245ml
Αλκοολούχος lotion Sunrise  70° βαθμών σε συσκευασία 245ml.
Manusept Antiseptic Hand Gel 475ml
Manusept Antiseptic Hand Gel is ideal for safe hand antiseptic in any area or occasion
Desmanol Pure Hand Disinfectant Solution Schulke (1lt)
Desmanol Pure is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses, for hygienic and surgical disinfecti...
Bakti-Rub Hand & Skin Disinfectant 1000ml
Ready-to-use alcohol-based colorless solution in spray form for the rapid disinfection of hands and...
Purell Hand Sanitiser (Touch-free Dispenser Refill) 1200ml
Refill bottle for Purell 1200ml antiseptic for the touch-free dispenser GOJO-Purell.
Solidan Antiseptic Hand Gel 4lt
Solidan mild antiseptic hand solution gel with alcohol 4lt that eliminates 99.99% of the most common...
Bakti-Soap Premium Liquid Wash 1lt
Bakti-Soap Premium 1lt is a thin colorless hand and skin cleanser with a neutral PH of 5.5 and a mil...

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