Discover the high sensitivity HI-Dop doppler for monitoring and listening to blood flow in blood vessels in the online store of Germanos Medicals. Dopplers are products of modern technology that accurately determine the speed of blood flow in an organ or vessel. You will find them online at the best quality and price on the market.

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MINIDOP Hadeco 100VX Portable Doppler
Made to order
MINIDOP ES-100VX Portable Doppler by HADECO Japan, modern technology suitable for use in both Angiol...
Doppler Hadeco Bipop
Made to order
Portable Doppler by Hadeco Bidop for vascular or uterine ultrasound, with liquid crystal display. Su...
Hi-Dop Blood Vessel Doppler
Made to order
Hi-Dop high-sensitive portable blood vessel Doppler for monitoring and listening to blood flow in bl...

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