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With many years of experience in medical consumables and laboratory instruments, Germanos Medicals offers everything needed for the care of the patient. In our online store you will find not only the essentials for home patient care but also the most reliable equipment as well as chemical products for every medical facility.

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Stuart Cottom Swab
Stuart plastic cotton swab for the safe collection and transport of samples for laboratory examinati...
SC Microscope Slides (50 pcs)
SC microscope slides Available in 3 types   Packaging: 50 pcs
Peroxide 1lt
Hydrogen peroxide in a 1lt package, is a mild antiseptic for external use.
Microscope Slide Cardboard Folder for 2 slides
Microscope Slide Cardboard Folder for 2 slides. Ideal for Pap tests.
Peroxide 4lt
Hydrogen peroxide in a 4lt package, is a mild antiseptic for external use.
Pasteur Plastic Pipettes (500 pcs)
Pasteur plastic pipettes 150mm long in a package of 500 pieces   Available in: 1ml & 3ml
Peroxide 200ml
Hydrogen peroxide in a 200ml package, is a mild antiseptic for external use.
Knittel Microscope Slides (50 pcs)
Microscope glass slides by Knittel Glass, Germany.
Formalin (Formaldehyde) 1lt
Solution of formaldehyde 37% in a 1lt bottle
Plastic Wash Bottle
Plastic wash bottle for easy injection of liquids.   Sizes 500ml 1000ml
Sunrise Alcohol Lotion 70°
Alcoholic lotion Sunrise 70°.
Glass Funnel
Glass funnel for laboratory applications.   Size 4cm 5cm 6cm 7.5cm...
Glass Dropper
Out of stock
Glass dropper for laboratory applications.
Parafilm Roll 5cm x 15m
Out of stock
Parafilm by Brand, Germany, is a transparent air-permeable film for sealing all laboratory container...
Paraffin Oil 1lt
Paraffin oil has emollient properties and is ideal for massage. It also creates a lipid layer on th...

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