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Protection & Appearance

In the Germanos Medicals online store you will find silk and cotton wipes in various colors and designs, for adults and children to cover the neck area for aesthetic reasons.

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DeltaNex Cravat Tracheostomy Cover
The DeltaNex Cravat silk cover by Kapitex, UK offers you coverage in the tracheostomy area
TRACHEOTEX tracheostomy wipe with filter
Tracheotex tracheostomy wipe with built-in filter for greater protection by Fahl, Germany.  
Buchanan Stretch Protector
Specially designed "D" shaped t-shirt, to cover the neck where needed.
Tracheotex Laryngectomy Cover
The Tracheotex Laryngectomy cover protects the tracheostomy.
Childrens' Tracheostomy Scarf
Scarf with pleasant designs to cover the tracheostomy in children.
Tracheostomy shirt Tracheotex® Rolli Zip
Tracheotex® Rolli Zip tracheostomy shirt specially designed to protect and cover the tracheostomy....
Freevent® Tracheostomy cloth with filter
Last piece
Tracheostomy cloth with integrated filter for greater protection, made of cotton fabric and polyeste...

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