Find everything you need and get the equipment needed for your microbiology lab at Germanos Medicals. You will find a wide variety of microbiological consumables and small appliances that each laboratory needs to have, available online. Always choosing the leading manufacturers on the market, the microbiological consumables and gadgets that you can get, guarantee you accuracy and reliability in medical examinations.

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Stuart Cottom Swab
Stuart plastic cotton swab for the safe collection and transport of samples for laboratory examinati...
SC Microscope Slides (50 pcs)
SC microscope slides Available in 3 types   Packaging: 50 pcs
Microscope Slide Cardboard Folder for 2 slides
Microscope Slide Cardboard Folder for 2 slides. Ideal for Pap tests.
Pasteur Plastic Pipettes (500 pcs)
Pasteur plastic pipettes 150mm long in a package of 500 pieces   Available in: 1ml & 3ml
Knittel Microscope Slides (50 pcs)
Microscope glass slides by Knittel Glass, Germany.
Plastic Wash Bottle
Plastic wash bottle for easy injection of liquids.   Sizes 500ml 1000ml
Parafilm Roll 5cm x 15m
Out of stock
Parafilm by Brand, Germany, is a transparent air-permeable film for sealing all laboratory container...
Stool Sample Container
Lined stool collection container 60ml with screw cap that has a built-in spatula.
Test Tube Rack for 50 tubes
Tube rack for 50 tubes, plastic.
SC Slide Cover Glasses
SC slide cover glasses   Dimensions 22 x 22 mm 24 x 50 mm
Inoculating Loops Plastic (20 pcs)
Plastic inoculating loops, single-use
Spatula with Wooden Handle
Spatula with wooden handle.   Code Sizes 000260 7,5 cm 000261 10 cm 000262...
Knittel Cover Glasses (Cover Slips) (100 pcs)
Microscope coverslips by Knittel Glass, Germany.
Laboratory Mechanical Timer
60 minute mechanical countdown timer. Suitable for laboratory timekeeping.
Petri Dish Plastic (33pcs)
Petri dish made out of plastic, suitable for use in the laboratory.   Ref. Number Type Dia...

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