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Blood Pressure Monitors

Α wide variety of electronic and analog sphygmomanometers are available in our online store. Discover at Germanos Medicals the leading manufacturers of high quality sphygmomanometers from Omron and Hartmann. Choose digital or analog sphygmomanometers depending on your needs. You can even get watch pressure gauges, wheeled, wall and arm from the reliable company Riester.

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Analog spygmomanometer with Yton sthethoscope
Analog spygmomanometer with sthethoscope by Gima, Italy, suitable for both medical and home use.
Omron RS2 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron RS2 wrist blood pressure monitor with irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) detection. It is easily...
Omron Comfort M6 Automatic Bloop Pressure Monitor
Omron M6 Comfort Intellisense sphygmomanometer, is a super-automatic device that works only at the p...
Omron Basic M2 Classic Blood Pressure Monitor
The Omron Basic M2, fully automatic blood pressure monitor with Intellisense technology*. Accurately...
Omron Intellisense M3 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron's M3 sphygmomanometer with Intellisense technology can accurately and reliably measure blood p...
Children's cuff with 2 tubes
Out of stock
Children's cuff with air chamber and 2 tubes, compatible with most sphygmomanometers.
Precisa N analog blood pressure monitor
Last piece
Precisa N analog blood pressure monitor by Riester, Germany, that combines excellent quality with ex...
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Nimo
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Nimo   It can work at a push of a button and can accurately and r...
Veroval Compact Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
Veroval Compact electronic arm blood pressure monitor by Hartmann, Germany, for comfortable and accu...
Omron Intellisense M4 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
Out of stock
The Omron Intellisense M4 works at the push of a button and can accurately and reliably measure bloo...
Omron Evolv arm blood pressure monitor
The Evolv arm blood pressure monitor by Omron, Japan with an innovative design that incorporates tec...
Veroval Duo Control Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Veroval® Duo Control electronic upper arm blood pressure monitor by Hartmann, Germany, with Duo Sens...
Riester E-mega® Palm Style Sphygmomanometer
The E-Mega Palm Style Sphygmomanometer by Riester, Germany, offers high measurement accuracy, ideal...
Microlife BP A3 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
Last piece
The MICROLIFE BP A3 automatic sphygmomanometer features MAM & PAD technologies to provide the us...
Riester Big Ben® Sphygmomanometer In Mobile Stand
Last piece
Professional manometric blood pressure monitor Big Ben by Riester, Germany, on a stainless steel mob...

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