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Omron Basic M2 Classic Blood Pressure Monitor

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The Omron Basic M2, fully automatic blood pressure monitor with Intellisense technology*. Accurately and reliably measures blood pressure (low/high) as well as heart rate. The last measurement is stored in memory.

The Omron Basic M2 for the arm is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor with Intellisense technology*.

It is the basic choice in the category of automatic electronic sphygmomanometers.


It works at the push of a button and can accurately and reliably measure blood pressure (low/high) as well as heart rate.


In the event that the pressure is off normal limits, the user is notified with a light indicator.


Instructions for use:
When we measure our blood pressure, in order to get correct and reliable results, it is recommended:

  • We haven't had any coffee in the last hour
  • Not to have eaten, smoked and/or performed "dynamic" and/or strenuous activities for the body (sports, etc.) in the last 30 minutes at least
  • Don't wear tight clothes that press our limbs at the given time
  • We must not have consumed stimulants in the last few hours
  • Not to be in a state of anxiety, stress or pain at the given moment

*Intellisense Technology: Allows the sphygmomanometer to detect the pressure during inflation so it only inflates the cuff to the level it needs, not too tight but not too loose


Package Contents:

  • 1 OMRON M2 Basic device
  • 1 cylindrical cuff with a diameter of 22 - 32cm (Medium size)
  • 4 AAA size 1.5V batteries
  • Leaflet with Instructions for Use (Includes Greek translation)

Certificate with a 5-year guarantee by G. LEOUSSIS S.A.


* OMRON AC Adapter is not included in the package


  • Clinically certified by the European Society of Hypertension
  • With new Easy armband (medium size 22-32cm) for easy and comfortable measurement
  • Large display with three indicators (high & low pressure, pulse)
  • Up to 300 measurements with a single set of 4 batteries
  • Last measurement memory
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Battery and power
  • With Greek instructions for use

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