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Εξειδικεύεται κυριώς στην κατασκευή τελευταίας τεχνολογίας πιεσομέτρων. 

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Omron RS2 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron RS2 wrist blood pressure monitor with irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) detection. It is easily...
Omron Comfort M6 Automatic Bloop Pressure Monitor
Omron M6 Comfort Intellisense sphygmomanometer, is a super-automatic device that works only at the p...
Omron Basic M2 Classic Blood Pressure Monitor
The Omron Basic M2, fully automatic blood pressure monitor with Intellisense technology*. Accurately...
Omron Intellisense M3 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron's M3 sphygmomanometer with Intellisense technology can accurately and reliably measure blood p...
Omron Intellisense M4 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
The Omron Intellisense M4 works at the push of a button and can accurately and reliably measure bloo...
Omron Evolv arm blood pressure monitor
The Evolv arm blood pressure monitor by Omron, Japan with an innovative design that incorporates tec...
C 801 - Nebulizer for Children
Made to order
The C 801 nebulizer by Omron is specially designed for children and babies.

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