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Patient Care & Hygiene

In our store you can find products by Abena that specializes in medical supplies for cleaning and patient care at home. Find all necessary for the care of the patient at home such as head cleansing caps without water, body soaps that do not need rinsing, scum bags, feeding bibs as well as creams and soaps.

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Abena Shampoo Cap
The shampoo cap by Abena is ideal for the care of patients as it is impregnated with shampoo and con...
Abena Hair & Body Wash (Washing without water) 200ml
Abena soap 200ml for cleansing hair and body specially designed for bedridden people and very sensit...
Disposable bedpan
Disposable bedpan, made entirely from 100% recyclable paper pulp.
Plastic Bedpan
Reusable plastic bedpan made of 100% non-toxic polypropylene
Abena cleansing gloves 23x16cm (50 pcs)
Abena disposable body cleansing gloves.   Dimensions: 23x16cm Packaging: 50 pcs
ABRI-BAG Absorbent Commode Liner (20 pcs)
Disposable Abri-Bag Absorbent Commode Liner bag with superabsorbent insert. Packaging: 20 pcs
Molicare Skin Protect Cream 200ml
Out of stock
Molicare cream 200ml with Nutriskin Protection complex for the protection of irritated skin
Molicare Hand Cream 200ml
Molicare Skintegrity 200ml hand cream by Hartmann, Germany contains valuable ingredients, tones and...
Sudocrem Cream 250gr
Sudocrem 250gr has a mild antiseptic effect and soothing properties for the treatment of skin irrita...
Sudocrem Cream 125gr
Sudocrem Cream 125gr has a mild antiseptic effect and soothing properties for the treatment of skin...
Hartmann Bedmat Premium bed sheets 60x90cm
BedMat Premium Bed Sheets by Hartmann, Germany, highly absorbent    Dimensions: 60x90cm Packaging...
Baktolin Pure Wash 1lt
Baktolin Pure wash by Bode Chemie, Germany stands out as it offers deep cleansing to the whole body...
Abri-bag BedPan Liner (20 pcs)
The Abena Abri-Bag Bedpan Liner is a disposable bag with a superabsorbent insert designed to fit per...
Inflatable Shampoo Basin
Inflatable shampoo basin for bedridden people.  
Abena 400ml Washing foam
Out of stock
The washing foam 400ml by Abena is gentle, with an effective cleansing action for the patient's pers...

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