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In our store you can find products by Abena that specializes in medical supplies for cleaning and patient care at home. Find all necessary for the care of the patient at home such as head cleansing caps without water, body soaps that do not need rinsing, scum bags, feeding bibs as well as creams and soaps.

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Abena Zinc Oxide Spray
Zinc Oxide spray by Abena
Inflatable Shampoo Basin
Inflatable shampoo basin for bedridden people.  
Abri-bag BedPan Liner (20 pcs)
The Abena Abri-Bag Bedpan Liner is a disposable bag with a superabsorbent insert designed to fit per...
Abri-Soft Multi-purpose underpad 85x90cm
Reusable multi-purpose underpad - washable Abri-Soft 85x90cm. Washable up to 300 times at 95°C, with...
ABENA Intimate Care Soap 200ml
ABENA Intimate Care Soap 200ml for sensitive area. Ideally designed for people with incontinence, ch...
Molimed Incontinence Pads for Men (2 pcs) - SAMPLES
Molimed incontinence pads for men are suitable for mild incontinence   The package includes: Mo...
ABRI-BAG Absorbent Male Urinal Bags (20 pcs)
Abri-Bag urinal bag by Abena, disposable with highly absorbent insert.   Packaging: 20 pcs
Molicare Clean Shampoo 500ml
Molicare Clean 500ml hair shampoo by Hartmann, Germany, for daily, gentle and deep cleansing.
Mouth cleaning set
Mount cleaning dispodable set for mouth hygiene and saliva aspiration. Ideal for patients at home...
Abri-bag Abena - Absorbent Vomit Bags (20pcs)
Abri-bag absorbent vomit bag by Abena.
Inflatable Shampoo Basin with Bag
Out of stock
Inflatable shampoo basin with 2lt bath bag for bedridden people.
Molinea Underpads 90x180cm (20pcs)
Τα απορροφητικά υποσέντονα Molinea 60x180cm 7 σταγόνων, διευκολύνουν σημαντικά τη φροντίδα ασθενών κ...
Menalind Skin Protect Foam 100ml
Menalind Skin Protect Foam 100ml by Hartmann, Germany for the protection of sensitive skin areas whi...
Enema irrigator
Enema irrigator. - 2lt capacity soft bag Supplied in cardboard box with 2 cannulas (vaginal, anal),...
Molinea Textile Reusable Underpads
MoliCare Premium Bed Mat Reusable sheets, washable up to 250 times.   Dimensions: 85x90cm

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