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Incontinence Pads & Diapers

If you are looking for diapers to treat incontinence, then at Germanos Medicals you will find a wide variety of high quality day diapers and high protection night diapers to prevent leaks.

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Molicare Extra Plus - Incontinence Day Slip (Diaper)
Hartmann Germany MoliCare® Premium day incontinence diapers for severe to acute urinary and / or fae...
Septona Underpads 60x90cm (15 pcs)
Underpads by Septona made with advanced SAP (Super Absorbent Powder) technology that ensures maximum...
Disposable bedpan
Disposable bedpan, made entirely from 100% recyclable paper pulp.
MoliCare Premium Super Plus - Incontinence Night Slip (Diaper)
MoliCare® Premium Super Plus night incontinence diapers by Hartmann, Germany for acute urinary and /...
Molimed Active - Incontinence Pads for Men (14 pcs)
Out of stock
Molimed Active incontinence pads for men by Hartmann, Germany, for mild incontinence.    Packaging...
ABRI-BAG Absorbent Commode Liner (20 pcs)
Disposable Abri-Bag Absorbent Commode Liner bag with superabsorbent insert. Packaging: 20 pcs
Molicare Mobile Incontinence Night Pants (14 pcs)
Molicare Mobile diapers by Hartmann, Germany in the form of underwear for moderate to severe inconti...
Proson Underpads 60x90cm (15 pcs)
Proson disposable underpads 60x90cm made of white deinized and fluffy pulp   Packaging: 15 pcs
Molimed Comfort Pads (28 pcs)
Molimed Comfort sanitary napkins by Hartmann, Germany made of antibacterial non-woven, made with Dry...
Abena Junior incontinence diapers Abri-Form ΧS2 (32 pcs)
Abri-Form Junior incontinence diapers by Abena. They are specially designed to suit children and ado...
Abri San Maxi Pads - Incontinence & Postpartum (28 pcs)
Abri San series by Abena are specially designed anatomical sanitary napkins for heavy incontinence....
ABRI-BAG Absorbent Male Urinal Bags (20 pcs)
Abri-Bag urinal bag by Abena, disposable with highly absorbent insert.   Packaging: 20 pcs
Molicare Skin Zin Oxide Cream 200ml
Out of stock
Κρέμα Molicare Skin Zin Oxide 200ml από πλούσιο φυσικό αμυγδαλέλαιο, ενυδατικά αμινοξέα και κρεατίνη...
Molimed Premium Pads (14 pcs)
Molimed Premium pads by Hartmann, Germany made with Dry-Plus technology for mild to moderate inconti...
Molimed Incontinence Pads for Men (2 pcs) - SAMPLES
Molimed incontinence pads for men are suitable for mild incontinence   The package includes: Mo...

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