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In the Medical Appliances category, you will find all the latest technology devices that are necessary for the operation of any kind of doctor's office. You will find high quality medical and diagnostic devices as well as diathermy, sterilization ovens, lighting, centrifuges and orthopedic electric saws at competitive prices.

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HTC Cautery Pencil
HTC cautery pencil by Fiab, Italy, for electrocautery of small vessels, in sterile packaging.
Valley lab connector Kirky
Out of stock
Valley lab connector Kirky is a  disposable sterile medical instrument.   It works with two push-b...
Opthalmic Cautery Pencil - Single use
Opthalmic cautery pencil by Fiab, Italy.
Inspection Pen Torch Fortelux LED
Fortelux N inspection pen torch by Riester, Germany, is one of the most popular pocket diagnostic li...
Labmed Centrifuge (6 Tubes)
Small and economical 6-tubes centrifuge, suitable for applications in clinics and small laboratories...
Gynecological diathermy pen 125mm
Gynecological diathermy pen 125mm by Fiab, Italy.
Vial carrying bag
Vial carrying bag with zipper.   Dimensions 18x14x2cm Capacity 6 vials Color Bl...
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The TAU ULTRAVIOL by Tau Steril, Italy, is an ultraviolet radiation sterilizer for rapid sterilizati...
Biovet Sturdy SA 232 Tabletop autoclave 16 lt
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The SA-232 steam autoclave by Sturdy is ideal for sterilizing liquids, gauzes, wrapped as well as un...
Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaner 750ml
Out of stock
High-quality ultrasonic instrument cleaner with a capacity of 750 ml
Led H2 Pro Head lighting
Head lighting Led H2 Pro.   Small, light and easy to manage with bright Samsung 4W cool white LE...
Gima Portable vaccine transfer fridge
Portable vaccine transfer fridge by GIMA, Italy
Monopolar Cautery Handle
Monopolar cautery handle with cable legnth 320cm.   It works with two push-buttons and has cut-coa...
Side lighting KS Q7
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Side office lighting with 7 high quality LED lamps which provide ideal lighting for minor surgeries...
Digisystem Centrifuge 12 tubes (DSC1512T)
12-tubes Digisystem centrifuge, suitable for applications in clinics and small laboratories.

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