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Find high quality Surtron monopolar and bipolar diathermy. Surtron is a high frequency electrosurgical unit suitable for monopolar or bipolar microsurgery.

You will also find Fiab disposable diathermy pens for general applications and ophthalmology, suitable for cut and coag with switch and thin tips.

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HTC Cautery Pencil
HTC cautery pencil by Fiab, Italy, for electrocautery of small vessels, in sterile packaging.
Valley lab connector Kirky
Valley lab connector Kirky is a  disposable sterile medical instrument.   It works with two push-b...
Opthalmic Cautery Pencil - Single use
Opthalmic cautery pencil by Fiab, Italy.
Gynecological diathermy pen 125mm
Gynecological diathermy pen 125mm by Fiab, Italy.
Monopolar Cautery Handle
Monopolar cautery handle with cable legnth 320cm.   It works with two push-buttons and has cut-coa...
MB 122 - Mono/Bipolar diathermy
Made to order
Diathermy MB 122, is a specially designed ergonomic, electric radiofrequency scalpel for all skin an...

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