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Couch Rolls & Paper Products

Our store prioritizes the complete equipment of your medical office as well as the health and safety of both patients and medical staff. With many years of experience in medical supplies, at Germanos Medicals you will find everything you need to have your office fully equipped with the necessary consumables, utensils and instruments.

The variety of our online store in examination rolls and stationery meets the requirements that arise in every doctor's office, clinic or hospital. The test rolls that you will find at Germanos Medicals are laminated and available in various colors and sizes.

Also, the test sheets are fully absorbent and waterproof as well as suitable for test beds in three different types of laminated, non-woven, and paper. In addition to examination rolls for surgical beds, you will also find stationery for professional use with high absorbency and durability.

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Laminated Couch Roll (Waterproof) NobleMed Extra
NobleMed waterproof paper sheet in a roll to cover the examination bed, 50m long.   Width     ...
Non-woven Couch Roll
Hydrophobic non-woven paper 14gr/m2 in a 50m long roll   Width 50 cm 60 cm 70 cm
2-Layer Couch Roll
Two-layer paper sheet in a roll to cover the examination bed, 50m long.   Width 35 cm 50 cm 6...
Laminated Couch Roll (Waterproof) 60cm - Blue
Laminated paper sheet Soft in light blue, waterproof and absorbent, 50m long and 60cm wide.
Laminated Couch Roll (Waterproof) purple
Laminated exam paper in purple, waterproof and absorbent, 50m long. Width 50 cm 60 cm
Laminated Couch Roll (waterproof) Elite Soft - White
Elite Soft laminated sheet in white, waterproof and absorbent, 50m long.   Width 50cm 60cm
Industrial Tissue Paper Roll 500gr
Out of stock
Industrial tissue paper roll 500gr.
Couch Roll for children - With patterns
Soft laminated paper sheet in a beautiful print, ideal for a pediatric clinic, waterproof and absorb...
Hand Towels Z-Fold (4000pcs)
Hand towels Z-fold in dimension 10.5x25cm for professional use.
Laminated Couch Roll (Waterproof) pink
Examination paper laminated in pink color, waterproof and absorbent, 50m long.   Width 50 cm 6...
Soft Paper Α' quality (5kg)
A' quality soft paper.
Laminated Couch Roll (Waterproof) light blue
Laminated examination paper in light blue, waterproof and absorbent, 50m long and 60cm wide.
Z-fold Hand Towel Dispenser
Wall-mounted professional paper holder for z-fold hand towels.   Dimensions (HxWxD): 23 x 28 x 9 c...
Airlaid pedicure & hairdressing towels (100 pcs)
Out of stock
Airlaid pedicure and hairdressing towels, ideal for pedicure or general podiatry sessions, hair salo...
Industrial Tissue Paper Roll - Jumbo
Industrial tissue paper roll made of 100% natural paper in jumbo size. Intended for use on paper bas...

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